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About Us

We think that everyone has a social duty to preserve the environment because it is a common challenge. By selling our environmentally friendly goods, which can be used to replace single-use plastic bags with reusable jute, canvas, and cotton bags, we give back to the community. The moment is here for you to join us in our search for a novel way to make our planet greener.

Say No to Plastic

People today are increasingly aware of the need to protect the environment. Everyone, from individuals to businesses, seemed to be contributing in their own small way. Saying "No to Plastic" is the finest thing you can do if you want to make a change for the environment. It is commonly recognised that single-use plastic bags have harmful consequences on the environment. Plastic bags are damaging every element of the eco-system, whether it be a water body, the air, the sea, or a river.

Say Yes to Jute

It's common to refer to jute as "The Golden Fibre." Jute is made from a plant, is biodegradable, and in no way pollutes the environment. The earth's energy resources are not significantly impacted by the production or usage of jute. Jute is a strong, resilient, and eco-friendly fibre, to put it briefly. Jute bags have revolutionised the global market since they are practical for shopping, packing, and fashion items.